"Works and Days"

The title is stolen from the Ancient Greek poet, Hesiod, but this is not a didactic poem of farming lore! This is a sort of "works cited" page listing the various tales set in Midhgardhur:


Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants - forthcoming!

COVER ART - Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants

The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper: A Midhgardhur Fantasy

Ormsbani: A Midhgardhur Fantasy - forthcoming!

The Tale of Halfdanur the Black (novella)


Short Stories

Short stories hosted at Channillo: and collected into volumes of the Tales From Midhgardhur:

Dark Valkyrie (November 2015) - Volume I

Tales From Midhgardhur Paperback Cover

Hrafn's Ninth Night (December 2015) - Volume I

Thralls of Ginnungagap (January 2016) - Volume I

Courtship (February 2016) - Volume I

The Harp of the Sisters (March 2016) - Volume I

Fenrissynir (April 2016) - Volume I

Old Blood, Bright Fire (May 2016) - Volume I

Ingjaldur's Crown (June 2016) - Volume I

Hjalti's First Holmganga (July 2016) - Volume I

Tales From Midhgardhur, Volume I

Knight of the Green Chapel (September 2016) - Volume II

COVER ART Tales from Midhgardhur Volume II

Burning Spirits (October 2016) - Volume II

The Knocker In the Dark (December 2016) - Volume II

Howl of the Ulfhedhnar (January 2017) - Volume II

Remember! (January 2017) - Volume II

Casting the Bones (February 2017) - Volume II

In Search of Romance (February 2017) - Volume II

Angels of Death (April 2017) - Volume II

The Gaeludyr (June 2017) - Volume II

Tales From Midhgardhur, Volume II

The Trade (June 2017) - Volume III, forthcoming

Luck of the Lytlingar (June 2017) - Volume III, forthcoming

Purity (September 2017) - Volume III, forthcoming

Vikings & Vrykolakes (October 2017) - Volume III, forthcoming

Sons of Aegir, Daughters of Ran (November 2017) - Volume III, forthcoming

Boli and the Yule Cat (December 2017)

Wolfsbane (January 2018) - Volume III, forthcoming

Under the Arena (April 2018) - Volume III, forthcoming

Spring Sacrifice (April 2018) - Volume III, forthcoming

Far From the Tree (April 2018) - Volume III, forthcoming

Tales From Midhgardhur, Volume III - forthcoming

Fire in the Blood (May 2018) - Volume IV, forthcoming


Role-Playing Game Campaign

Yes, I run a long-standing RPG campaign set in Midhgardhur. It is called Heroes of Midhgardhur and it is hosted at Obsidian Portal: