Bjornulfur Gudhmundsson

WARNING: Potential Spoilers Below!

Name: Bjornulfur Gudhmundsson

Nickname: none

Cultural Background: Northmenn (from Vestfold in Noregur)

Born: Unknown

Parents: Gudhmundur (father, otherwise unknown)

Spouse: Bjornulfur was not known to have married.

Bjornulfur was a woodsman, a ranger and huntsman in service to King Ragnvaldur hinn Heidhumhaeri (Ragnvaldur the Mountain-High). Because of his association with Hjalti of Vestfold, he ended up tutoring the young Asa Ragnvaldardottir (Asa Eidhsvardhkona, Asa Oathkeeper) on matters of woodcraft, and ended up fleeing with them after the attack by King Haraldur Halfdansson the Einkonungur at Haugar.

Bjornulfur was described as slim and deadly, somewhat uncouth of manner, preferring the solitude of the wilderness to the companionship of other people.

He later betrayed Asa Ragnvaldardottir (Asa Eidhsvardhkona, Asa Oathkeeper).

Appears In: The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper (June 2015)

Source: Created by Colin Anders Brodd