Gylla was a wicked serving wench at the Green Anchor Inn of Kaupangur who was occasionally prostituted to guests by Arngrimur of Kaupangur, the inkeeper. She was encouraged to rob and occasionally murder guests as well, and was a sociopathic serial killer. When she was finally slain (in an attempt to murder and rob a guest at the inn named Gunni Hallason), she was condemned to Hel's Hall. How long she remained in that awful place is unknown, but she eventually came to the attention of Hel herself, who made her into a Dark Valkyrie in service to Hel. She was sent back to Midhgardhur in the body and identity of Gydha Eiriksdottir, the future Queen Gydha Eiriksdottir (the Dark Valkyrie).

Appears In: "Dark Valkyrie" (Tales From Midhgardhur, Volume I)

Source: Created by Colin Anders Brodd