Hjalti of Vestfold

WARNING: Potential Spoilers Below!

Name: Hjalti (any other name unknown)

Nickname: none ("of Vestfold")

Cultural Background: Northmenn (from Vestfold in Noregur)

Born: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Spouse: Hjalti is not known to have married

Hjalti was a Huskarl in service to King Ragnvaldur hinn Heidhumhaeri (Ragnvaldur the Mountain-High) who was appointed to watch over Ragnvaldur's daughter, Asa Ragnvaldardottir (Asa Eidhsvardhkona, Asa Oathkeeper). He was "grim-faced" and devoted to his duty.

After the attack on King Ragnvaldur hinn Heidhumhaeri (Ragnvaldur the Mountain-High) by King Haraldur Halfdansson the Einkonungur at Haugar in 360 N.Y., Hjalti took responsibility for taking young Asa to safety. He later transferred his loyalty as Huskarl to Asa.

Appears In: The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper (June 2015), "Hjalti's First Holmganga" in Tales From Midhgardhur, Volume I

Source: Created by Colin Anders Brodd