King Haraldur Halfdansson the Einkonungur (One King)

WARNING: Potential Spoilers Below!

Flateyjarbok Haraldr Halfdan

Name: Haraldur Halfdansson

Nickname: Einkonungur ("One King" or "Emperor")

Cultural Background: Northmenn (from Vestfold in Noregur)

Born: 850 N.Y. (Norrani Year)

Parents: King Halfdanur Gudhrodhsson of Vestfold, aka Halfdanur Svarti (Halfdanur the Black) (father)

Queen Ragnhildur Sigurdhardottir (mother)

Noble House: descended from the Ynglingar

Spouses: Haraldur was polygamous, quite contrary to the customs of the North!

Queen Gydha Eiriksdottir (the Dark Valkyrie)

The usurper who claimed the Kingdom of Vestfold and united Noregur by conquest.

Appears In: The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper (June 2015), Dark Valkyrie (November 2015)

Source: Based on the historical King Haraldr who unified Norway