The End of All Things and The Doom of the Gods in Northern belief. The Northern religion tells of detailed prophecies of the events doomed to occur during Ragnarokkur, but the gods of Midhgardhur seem to believe that they can avoid or at least mitigate the worst of the prophesied events. This is indeed the motivation behind most of Odhinn's actions - trying to prevent or at least lessen the tragic impact of the terrible events foretold for Ragnarokkur.

Author's Note: My use of the spelling "Ragnarokkur" is a departure from my usual orthographic and linguistic practice in adapting Old Norse names and terms to English for Midhgardhur. In this case, I have opted for the less etymologically and historically correct "Ragnarokkur" (from Ragnarøkkr) instead of "Ragnarok" (from Ragnarök) precisely because it is a more unusual form and spelling, thus the "Midhgardhur" version of the word is very much mine, as opposed to the "Ragnarok" of popular culture.