Steinthorr of the Geirungar

WARNING: Potential Spoilers Below!

Name: Steinthorr

Nickname: "of the Geirungar"

Cultural Background: Northmenn (from Vestfold in Noregur)

Born: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Tribe: last of the Geirungar tribe

Spouse: Steinthorr is not known to have married

Steinthorr was a berserker of the Geirungar tribe of Vestfold, who had fought and died in service to King Ragnvaldur hinn Heidhumhaeri (Ragnvaldur the Mountain-High). He was therefore the last of his tribe, and gave his absolute loyalty to King Ragnvaldur hinn Heidhumhaeri (Ragnvaldur the Mountain-High), and later transferred that loyalty to Asa Ragnvaldardottir (Asa Eidhsvardhkona, Asa Oathkeeper).

Steinthorr is described as a great bear of a man, with displays of emotion as great as the man himself. Steinthorr was not an atheist, but neither was he particularly religious, believing that one should not rely on gods, but rather upon one's own might and main.

Appears In: The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper (June 2015)

Source: Created by Colin Anders Brodd